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Miley Cyrus` career is more important

Miley Cyrus` career is more important
The 17-year-old singer-and-actress - who has reportedly reunited with former flame Liam Hemsworth after a brief split in August - isn`t thinking about settling down yet because she is so ambitious.

Miley - whose parents are country singer Billy Ray Cyrus and Leticia Cyrus - said: "I definitely don`t want people to think I`m trying to get married anytime soon. I`m way too driven right now, first of all, I`m 17, it`s ridiculous, and second of all, I`ve got so much work I want to get done. I have so much to do, there`s no way it`s happening.

"I don`t need any type of commitment. I`m not living with anybody. I live at home, I still live with my mom, dad and family."

The `Climb` hitmaker also revealed she doesn`t feel ready for a big romantic commitment because she wants to experience life and make some mistakes first.

She explained in a video posted on YouTube.com: "I`m not engaged, I`m not getting married anytime soon. I don`t need to do anything but sit and chill and enjoy life, and make good music - music that I love - and that`s the most important thing.

"I`m just living life and learning and going through what everyone has to go through. I`m just figuring out who I am and that is going to be through mistakes and experiences."
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