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Jeanne d'Arc

Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc, The
Adventure, France, 1999
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Story, . seems, . already familiar to all, . if not in school history textbooks, . that the numerous reviews in the press, . has long been discussed by the fact, . that Luc Besson has decided to recreate one of the most patriotic of pages in the history of his native France,
. The action is really very rarely departs from the historical truth, detail the only one line, almost completely neglected in the textbook, what about Joan of Arc imagined themselves as divine messenger was a psychopath, and in general with experience. Two and a half hour film recounts of her short life, of course, much attention is paid to two issues: the actual siege of Orleans, it deserved the feat and its heroic ignominious death at the stake.
Genre: : Adventure
Country: : France
Year : 1999
Duration : 160 min.
Budget : $60000000
Cash gathering : $14200000
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Yes, great movie ... just wanted to know where historical truth ends and fiction begins the film's author .... f
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