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Boys and girls

Boys and Girls
Comedy, United States, 2000
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Ryan Williams (Freddie Prinz Jr..) Met Jennifer (Claire Forlani) in childhood, when he was 12 years old, and since they were not the most pleasant impressions of each other. But fate brings them back when it turns out that they go to the same school, and later - in the same college. You can not go against fate, and they are just friends who tell each other about their romantic passions and shared his impressions about the opposite sex. Probably all of it is already clear what will happen, but, actually, the characters, which have throughout the year and a half hours of screen time trying to prove to himself and the audience that they had no idea about it.
Genre: : Comedy
Country: : United States
Year : 2000
Duration : 94 min.
Budget : $16000000
Cash gathering : $20800000
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