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Drama, Bulgaria, 2008
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• Director: Javor Gyrdev Cast: Zachary Bakharev, . Tanya Ilieva, . Vladimir Penev, . Michael Mutafov scenario: Vladislav Todorov producer: Lubomir Aneva, . Georgi Dmitrov, . Ilian Dzhevelekov operator: Emil Hristov composer: Kalin Nikolov, .
action takes place in one night, . when the main character named Papillon released from prison on bail: he spent 15 years on false charges of murder in 1944, . and, . leaving, . found himself in a totalitarian Bulgaria 60-x, . where it should find something. In his first and only night of freedom he abuses to wait on him and police sniffer dogs sent in pursuit of an exciting race against time, straight to its finale, . vain attempt to cheat fate,
. His desperate race for diabolical totalitarian city - Sofia 60-ies, with its dark streets, strange characters and bombastic architecture finished in a van gravediggers. That's where Moth find what I wanted. Volny noir remake of "Dead on arrival" Bulgarian production. Prize for best direction at the MIFF-2008.
Genre: : Drama
Country: : Bulgaria
Year : 2008
World premiere : 04.09.2008
Russian premiere : 21.05.2009
Duration : 92 min.
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